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In the Lut Desert, just 80 km north of the city of Shahdad, there is a hill made up of volcanic lava with a total area of 480 square kilometers which is known as “Gandom-e Beryan (roasted wheat)” and also “Rig-e Soukhteh (burned sand)” which is the hottest point on earth with a temperature of 67 degrees centigrade in the shade! There is no form of life recognized at Gandom-e Beryan, which covers a space which measures 200 km long and 150 km wide.

Apr 15, 2015
The Hottest Point on Earth

The environmental conditions are so harsh that not only prevent the survival of all forms of fauna and flora, but even the bacteria cannot remain alive. As a result, dead bodies are not decomposed, but are dried under intense heat of the Sun.

Before this place was discovered by Professor Parviz Kordavani, the Libyan Desert in North Africa, where temperature goes as high up as 57.7 degrees Centigrade, was considered the hottest place on earth. That record has been now given to Gandom-e Beryan. If you actually want to visit the hottest point on the planet, you should plan your trip between November and April.

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